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WebQuest- Alaska 





You have to write a text about Alaska. First search the Internet for the information you need. Answer the following questions and add the pictures. At home you have to write a text for your American album. Cut out your pictures and add them to your report. You will have to  print your answers twice because there are two pupils working at a PC.



If there are words you don’t know, ask the online dictionary:


Visit the following websites to find the information you need:


Of course, you may use a search engine, too:   or



Copy the questions into a new word document, add your answers and pictures and save the document.


1) When did Alaska become a state of the USA?

2) What are the three largest cities in Alaska?

3) When did the USA buy Alaska from Russia and how much did they pay?

4) Find a picture of Alaska’s flag.

5) When did the flag become the state flag?

6) Who designed the flag?

7) Find a picture of a glacier and a dog sled.

8) What is the meaning of glacier in German?

9) What is Alaska’s state flower?  You can add a picture if you like.

10)How many time zones did Alaska have before 1983?

11)How many time zones does Alaska have now?

12)What is Alaska’s highest mountain?

13)What is the official state sport?



Now you may watch some videos online:

video about animals                     

video: Alaska- modern frontier 1948   






You will get a mark for your report by a point system.  Each correct answer to a question is worth 2 points. 


Points will be awarded on your report for the following: 

Each picture will get 2 additional points

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar (6 pts)- Did you write in complete sentences?  Did you use correct spelling and punctuation?

Total  points : 36