Heidemarie Mammeas
Heidemarie Mammeas

Klasse 6 - Englisch
A tandem worksheet to practise the present perfect: Have you ever...?
A trimino to practise irregular verbs
Let's ask questions in the simple past Yes-no-questions
Das etwas andere Arbeitsblatt um die Vokabel Seite 139-140 zu festigen Flags and countries
A tandem worksheet to practise the simple present What do you remember?- puzzle about B1
Let's compare- The Big Mac Index Test your vocabulary from form 5
Adverbs of manner- introduction Hazel's holidays- puzzle for groups of four
A fun day- fill in the irregular verbs A fun day- build the story
Revision B1 units 4-6 A puzzle with country names
Word puzzle (Unit 4)- ein Lösungswort wird gesucht Puzzle: simple present-present progressive
Flags and countries- exe-Datei were- was exe-Datei (ca 1MB)

Let's ask questions I -easy- Let's ask questionsII
Sounds - Fill in the correct letters tenses and comparisons
worksheet: simple past (Unit 1) Sentence generator
Bingo: Around town Lernscheibe: irregular verbs
Wordsearch Unit 2 + Lösung Wordsearch online unit 3