Heidemarie Mammeas
Heidemarie Mammeas

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Test your English
Irregular verbs

Simple past tense
Write the missing words in the boxes provided.
Check your score when you have finished.Try to get at least 95%.
Good luck!


1. When I ...(be) five

2. my grandma ...(tell) me a lot of stories.

3. We always ...(sit) on the sofa.

4. Sometimes grandma...(make) a cake

5. and we ...(have) a great time.

6. One day grandma ...(write) down a story.

7. In that story we ...(go) to the zoo.

8. There we ...(give) the elephants some food.

9. I ...(see) five tigers with a baby.

10. We ...(leave) the zoo at 5 o'clock.

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