Heidemarie Mammeas
Heidemarie Mammeas

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Subject or object question?

Find the correct answer to the questions.

1) The teacher gave the student some books.Who gave the student some books?
2) Frank saw his grandpa on TV. Who did Frank see on TV?
3) Gina met Mary in front of the cinema. Who met Mary in front of the cinema?
4) Peter liked my grandma very much. Who liked my grandmother very much?
5) I wrote a romantic letter about flowers to my girlfriend.Who did I write a romantic letter?
6) Henry gave me a watch for my birthday.Who did Henry give a watch?
7) Pamela phoned her mum with her new mobile phone.Who did Pamela phone?
8) Mrs Miller helped Liz with her homework.Who helped Liz?
9) Pearl made her dad happy last Monday.Who did Pearl make happy?
10) Sue sat next to Steve during the last lesson.Where did Sue sit?