Heidemarie Mammeas
Heidemarie Mammeas


Test your English
Irregular verbs

Simple past tense
Write the missing words in the boxes provided.
Check your score when you have finished.Try to get at least 95%.
Good luck!


1. Yesterday I ...(wear) my new helmet.

2. And I ...(ride) my bike.

3. When my friend ...(overtake)

4. we both ...(fall) off our bikes.

5. Peter ...(hurt) his arm.

6. But 5 minutes later we ...(swim) in the river.

7. Then we ...(drink) some coke and

8. my friend ...(pay) for me.

9. On our way home, we ...(feed) some birds in the park.

10. And we ...(keep) the pavement clean. We didn't throw away any litter.

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