Heidemarie Mammeas
Heidemarie Mammeas


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1. The state flag of Nebraska shows
  (a)a bird.
  (b)a blacksmith.
  (c)a woman.
  (d)a cornhusker.
a b c d
2. Nebraska is
  (a)in the Golf of Mexico.
  (b)in the Rocky Mountains.
  (c)in the Plains.
  (d)at the west coast.
a b c d
3. In Nebraska
  (a)there are huge factories.
  (b)there are many farmers.
  (c)there is the film industry.
  (d)there are high mountains.
a b c d
4. The capital of Nebraska
  (a)is Omaha.
  (b)is Lincoln.
  (c)is New York.
  (d)is Los Angeles.
a b c d
5. Central Park
  (a)is in London.
  (b)in Florida.
  (c)in New York.
  (d)in Miami.
a b c d
6. There are many alligators
  (a)in the Golf of Mexico.
  (b)in the Great Lakes.
  (c)in the Everglades.
  (d)in the Hudson River.
a b c d
7. The Inuits
  (a)are the native people of India.
  (b)are the native people of Florida.
  (c)are the native people of Alaska.
  (d)are the native people of California.
a b c d
8. Bodie
  (a)is a skyscraper in NY.
  (b)a historical site in California.
  (c)is the new movie by Spielberg.
  (d)the name of the 49ers.
a b c d
9. The Chrysler Building
  (a)is in New York.
  (b)was destroyed in 2001.
  (c)is a museum.
  (d)is in Los Angeles.
a b c d
10. Many immigrants came to the USA
  (a)because they wanted to see New York.
  (b)because it was boring at home.
  (c)because they wanted to visit their relatives.
  (d)because of hunger and poverty in their home country.
a b c d