Heidemarie Mammeas
Heidemarie Mammeas


Test your English
Reported speech
Mind the backshift of tenses
Write the missing words in the boxes provided.
Check your score when you have finished.Try to get at least 95%.
Good luck!

1. Sally said," I like hip-hop." Sally said that she ..... hip-hop.

2. Mum explained," Your brother can't go with you." Mum explained that my brother....go with me.

3. The teacher told us," We'll visit three museums." The teacher told us that we ... visit three museums.

4. Tom screamed," I am frightened." He screamed that he ... frightened.

5. Pam whispered," The Millers don't have a lot of money." Pam whispered that the Millers ......a lot of money.

6. Mr Green said, " I wrote an interesting story." Mr Green said he ....an interesting story.

7. My friend told me on the phone," We are singing. My friend told me on the phone they ... singing.

8. Dad explained," We are all hungry and want to have dinner." Dad explained they ... all hungry and ...to have dinner.

10. Sam reported," My father flew to London. Sam reported that his father ... to London.

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