If-clauses type I and II

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

If Mary finds the cat, she it home. (take)
If Peter had any problems, he (talk) to his father.
Debbie won’t go to see the film if she (not like) the actor.
Mike would go to New York if he (have) the money.
My mother will take the pullover back to the shop if it (be)too small.
If Eileen saw Brad Pit, she (ask) for an autograph.
You (not get) good marks if you don’t work hard.
If we went to Loch Ness, we (can see) Nessie.
We (play) hide and seek if it didn’t rain.
I will help my mum if she (be) in a hurry.
Tom’s teacher will be angry if he (not do) his homework.
My parents would go to the Las Palmas Hotel if they (win) the competition.
Little Tom doesn’t know that he can speak to people all over the world if he (learn) English.
If my friend (fly) to Rome, I will go with him.
If I saw a dangerous animal, I (run) away very quickly.
We will go swimming if the sun (shine) .
Betty (not be) angry if her friends didn’t visit her.
You have got much worse in Maths, Julie. If I had your grades, I ( not spend) so much time on my hobbies.
I would be able to read your texts if you (write) more slowly.
Sally wouldn’t win the race if she (not train) regularly.