Heidemarie Mammeas
Heidemarie Mammeas

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  For or Since with Present Perfect Tense

Exercise 1: Do you have to use for or since with the following sentences?

  • I have had this car about a year.
  • My friend has been at this school last summer.
  • They haven't met Easter.
  • Peter and Mary haven't phoned Christmas.
  • We've been here ten o'clock.
  • Mr Miller has worked for SAP more than one year.
  • I haven't visited a museum I left school.
  • I haven't been to the cinema two months.
  • I have studied English vocabulary 9.15.
  • Mr Triandafilidis hasn't spoken Greek he left his home in Greece.
  • I have had a driving licence I was eighteen.
  • Sally has had her dog she was eight.
  • She hasn't been to New York 1999.
  • Silja has been in England more than tree weeks now.
  • Peter has been my best friend we were nine.