One sound- three spellings

Gap-fill exercise by H.Mammeas

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

[i:] = -ee-, -,ie-, or -ea- ?

1) She spks English and German.
2) He doesn’t t mt. He’s a vegetarian.
3) Let’s go to the cantn for lunch.
4) I can’t belve that story.
5) Can you help me, plse?
6) This exercise is very sy.
7) I can’t belve that she’s a thf.
8) Let’s count the shp in the fld.
9) T and a pce of cake, plse.
10)Come and s my pets.
11)Nice to mt you.
12)I’m looking for a chp and cln room.
13)Let’s sit on the bch and t our sandwiches.
14)Cats are cln animals.