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A few years ago snowboarding wasn't a very (popularity) sport.
A lot of skiers (not like) the newcomers, who had started blocking the lifts and racing down the slopes on their snowboards.
But since snowboarding has become an olympic sport it is now (accept) world wide.
However, snowboarding is still a ( relative) new sport. It can be (comparison) to skateboarding
and surfing - except, of course, that to snowboard you need snow!
What makes snowboarding (difference) from monoskiing?
A snowboarder (to stand) on his or her snowboard facing to the side with the legs apart. In monoskiing
you stand facing forward on a single ski with your feet side by side. Most people say monoskiing is (difficult)
than snowboarding.
Here are a few tips for first-time snowboarders:
- Your equipment is very important: a ski jacket and waterproof trousers are ideal and gloves are a must.
- Remember to be careful: (not go) too fast and watch out for other skiers. Accidents can happen
(easy) . You should take lessons or at least find an (experience) snowboarder to go
with you when you go snowboarding for the (one) time.